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Hi, I’m Debbie and I founded Concilium-HR Ltd in 2014. I now work as an independent HR Consultant working with managers and employers of all sizes across Somerset and north Devon.

I take pride in providing our clients with pragmatic, tailored advice that makes HR easy for you to put into practice and achieve outcomes which are right for your business. Working as your flexible HR Manager, we offer practical HR support as and when you need it and will give you all the tools you need to make your business great through great people management.

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Why Choose Us

  • Flexible, affordable HR Manager resource as and when you need it without a binding contract or fixed retainer, as I don’t believe in charging for a service when you are not using it
  • As hands off or as hands on as you require with advice and support available via telephone, email, remote working or on your premises
  • Same day initial response wherever possible (subject to client commitments may be at the end of the working day up to 6pm)
  • Provision of ethical, straightforward and pragmatic advice designed to help you achieve your desired outcomes and focusing on what we believe is beneficial for you and your business
  • We recognise HR is not a ‘one size fits all’ deal
  • Offer a fresh look at problems and will work with you to find answers that suit you rather than imposing our own
  • Provide you with all the available options and recommendations for you to make an informed decision
  • Committed to being transparent, providing upfront advice, helping you manage risk, advising you of your legal duties and proactively helping you to be a great employer
  • Act as your sounding board and people management mentor as being a manager or business owner can be lonely at times!
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Our Happy Clients

Debbie’s jargon free and common sense advice has helped me to appreciate that HR is not just for the larger companies but something that SME’s also need to have in place. I now have the confidence that all our HR practices and policies are workable for my business and I can provide my team with clear and fair terms and conditions. Just knowing that Debbie is on hand to share her expertise and objective advice as and when I need it, without the expense of having in-house HR or a fixed monthly retainer works perfectly for us, saving me both time and money and at the same time keeping me legal! Debbie presents HR in a way that business owners can easily understand and she delivers exactly what she says she will do.
Guy Atkins
Managing Director, JO Bird & Co Ltd

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