10 Ideas To Make Your Workplace A Positive Place To Be

Having a positive workplace is an essential part of the success of your business. It is a great investment to make and positivity breeds positivity, so start small and watch it grow.

Here are 10 ideas to make your workplace a happy place:

1. Be grateful

Thank your staff for a job well done – its free!

2. Celebrate success

Even small wins can be a cause for celebration. Don’t wait until you’ve signed up a new client or won a huge new contract to celebrate with your staff. Think of the small wins each week that could be recognised at a weekly meeting or email to all staff.

3. Give positive reinforcement

Simply letting your staff know that they are good at something can make a big difference to their day. Saying ‘you’re really good at…’ or ‘I appreciate how you…’ every now and again really can make a difference.

4. Accept feedback

Give your staff the chance to have their say. Don’t get defensive when staff give you feedback. Listen to what they have to say, they may have a valid point or a great new idea.

5. Encourage fun

Have a dress-down day or decorate your desk theme. Get involved with a local charity fundraising initiative to encourage participation in a themed day. This could become a long-term partnership with a charity that staff can become involved with – giving back is hugely beneficial to our well being.

6. Do something nice for your employees

Pizzas at lunchtime, finish early on Friday, a thank you note or doing the morning coffee round. All simple but effective ways to make your staff feel valued. Ask them how they are, it makes people happy to know they are cared about.

7. Encourage staff to have personal career goals

People are more positive when they feel that what they do has a purpose. Working towards personal career goals helps them to separate themselves from any office stress and negativity.

8. Hire happy people

It makes sense to hire staff that have a good personality fit with your business. Your staff will work together well and be more aligned with your business vision and goals.

9. Trust your team

Treat them like children who can’t be trusted and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Let them own their roles, trust them to get the job done and they will reward you in kind.

10. Clear communication

Be clear and direct in dealing with staff. Be open and honest and they will be honest with you in return. This also helps to set expectations and give guidance as to how they can contribute to the success of the business.

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