Employment Law for SME Employers – Family Friendly Policies

Employment law for SME - family friendly policies

Balancing family life and work can be very challenging for parents. Creating family-friendly policies is not only benefits your staff but is also good for business.

Parents also have specific rights under UK law.

UK employment Law – parental rights

This infographic outlines some key rights for parents to be aware of. These include:

  • Maternity and adoption leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Parental leave to look after children
  • Shared parental leave
  • Time off to care for dependants

Changes to statutory pay rates from 1 April 2018

The government has announced the following increases to statutory pay rates from April 2018:

  • Statutory maternity pay will increase to £145.18
  • Statutory paternity pay will increase to £145.18
  • Statutory shared parental leave will increase to £145.18
  • Statutory adoption pay will increase to £145.18

Employment law – things to watch out for

Employment law changes regularly. To keep you up to date, we’ve also highlighted upcoming changes to be aware of.

Employment Law - Family Friendly Policies


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