Homeworking Guidance For Businesses – Webinar

Homeworking – How To Manage Staff At Home – With Shelley Poole of Wellington HR For Somerset Chamber of Commerce

Businesses still able to operate during the Coronavirus outbreak have been asked to set up homeworking for staff where this is practically possible.

For many businesses, staff working at home is not something they are familiar with managing. For other businesses, homeworking may not be practically possible.

Many employees may be unfamiliar with being productive in a home environment. There are currently additional challenges for staff working from home – particularly staff with school-age children or other caring responsibilities.

Businesses also need to ensure they keep in touch with homeworking employees, as well as keeping staff engaged and motivated in very difficult circumstances.

Based on a huge number of questions from our clients over the past few weeks, we created a webinar to answer some of the questions around managing your team at home.

Recorded on 25th March 2020, this 30-minute webinar covers:

  • Why you should implement homeworking – and who it’s suitable for
  • The alternatives if home working isn’t suitable for your business
  • What you need to take into account when managing staff working at home
  • How to keep staff productive when homeworking
  • Why you should be flexible around working patterns and hours for staff working from home
  • Keeping staff motivated and engaged with your business when not coming into the office

Thanks to the Somerset Chamber of Commerce for organising, and to Shelley Poole from Wellington HR for helping create this webinar.

Managing Coronavirus Impact In Your Business – Additional Resources

Concilium HR Coronavirus Employer Pack

We are offering a Coronavirus Employer pack containing:

  • Written advice for businesses around managing Coronavirus impact
  • Guidance Notes on the Implications of Homeworking
  • Letter template for furloughed workers
  • Voluntary Agreement template for temporary changes to T&Cs

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UK Government Coronavirus Resources For Businesses And Employers

Government advice for businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic is changing rapidly.

You can find the most up to date advice on the UK Government Guidance For Employers and Businesses page

Somerset Chamber Of Commerce

The Somerset Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Support Hub

Do you have any questions around homeworking or managing the impact of Coronavirus in your business? Or would you like information about our Employer Pack? Get in touch today. Contact Debbie on 07885 370054 or email debbie@concilum-hr.co.uk

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